Where's the Content? How to download!

We’ve included alot of content for you to play with. To get to the content, you must have a local nucleus collaboration server setup. Go here to do that in the launcher!

We have 4 main folders of content. Note the license files in the top of each folder to understand how you can use them in your project.

This content is big, about 30gb total! It may be difficult to work with until its cached on your localhost cache if you have a slower internet connection. You can load assets directly and they’ll cache into the nucleus server after the first load, making subsequent loads much faster.

However, you can also download the assets you want to work with to your local host if that becomes a problem. Here’s how!

Go to your web browser, and type in “localhost:8080” or you can do this from the tab in the launcher/collaboration (they’re both the same webview of your local host!).

Hit copy on the folders you’re wanting to work on!

Paste in a new folder.


You’ll see this begin to process…


Once its downloaded, it’ll be working as fast as possible!

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Very helpful information. Thanks!

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