Where's the DesignWorks VR for Professional Graphics?

After it was announced at GTC, I immediately submitted an application to get access to the “NVIDIA VRWorks SDK for Quadro” package, and am STILL waiting after two months.

After being bounced around by some customer service agent, and even our local NVIDIA rep in Australia, no one seems to be able to find if this package actually exists.

We are a part of an academic research group developing several large cylindrical (aka CAVE-like) and full dome displays and are keen to adopt NVIDIA’s Warp and Blend API into our large scale visualization applications, and also use the Sync and DirectVideo capabilities for

We’ve got two small clusters with Quadro M5000s and two more being built with M6000s all with QuadroSync boards cost many hundreds of thousands of dollars of NVIDIA products. Can we please get access to this SDK?

– dg