Whether Jetson TX2 and Xavier output 3840x2400 resolution

Whether Jetson TX2 and Xavier output 3840x2400 resolution

Q1. Jetson TX2 and Xavier capable of 3840x2400 resolution output

Q2. If multiple Jetson TX2 and Xavier modules are clustered, the master module can control the monitor output of the remaining modules.

  1. That y-res 2400 does not support on jetson.

  2. There is no such design in our default driver.

Q1. Whether there is a module capable of outputting 3840 x 2400 resolution from Jetson modules (TX2, Xavier, Orin, etc.)

Q2. Whether you can use the Jetson module to split one image across multiple monitors, such as a video wall display, or display a different image on each monitor

  • The resolution of the exhibition monitor is 1920x1200

For Q1, Orin might be able to output this resolution. Actually, you can try it on Xavier too but hacking the driver is needed. Also, it is just experimental try. I don’t guarantee it would 100% woirk.

For Q2, Yes, it is feasible. This is not related to kernel driver. This is done by userspace graphic applications. We have gstreamer pipeline and MMAPI sample to demo those functionality.

Is it possible to output by forcibly modifying the EDID value of the jetson kernel to 3840x2400?

I’m trying to experiment by referring to the link below.


I couldn’t tell you the exact place to edit, but it should be possible if the driver itself is capable of that spec.

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