Whether the capture has a maximum resolution limit in the Jetson NX platform?

I’ve already made the drive for the IMX586.It can work well in 4000x3000 mode.But when I switch to 8000x6000 mode,It can capture raw-data by v4l2-ctl,but it can’t capture by gstreamer or argus_camera.Whether the capture has a maximum resolution limit in the Jetson NX platform?

He seems to have been stopped before setting the mode register?Did the ISP module stop him?
[ 181.323904] imx586_power_on: power_on
[ 181.326668] imx586_power_off: power_off
[ 181.817271] [RCE] WARNING: t194/isp5.c:901 [config_channel] “All error notifications not enabled: correctable=0x00 uncorrectable=0x00”
[ 182.129621] imx586_power_on: power_on
[ 182.129905] imx586_power_off: power_off
[ 182.134772] imx586_power_on: power_on
[ 182.135033] imx586_power_off: power_off
[ 182.175809] imx586_power_on: power_on
[ 182.175990] imx586_power_off: power_off
[ 182.185484] imx586_power_on: power_on
[ 182.185679] imx586_power_off: power_off
[ 182.187140] imx586_power_on: power_on
[ 182.187406] imx586_power_off: power_off
[ 182.188868] imx586_power_on: power_on
[ 182.190822] imx586_power_off: power_off
[ 182.265218] [RCE] vi5_hwinit: firmware CL2018101701 protocol version 2.2
[ 202.115605] FAN rising trip_level:1 cur_temp:46000 trip_temps[2]:60000

For the argus(ISP pipeline) as below.

  • Max supported line buffer = 6144
  • [Maximum raw (Bayer) resolution through ISP]
  • Nano - 24 Mpx
  • Xavier - 24 Mpx
  • TX2 - 24 Mpx

hello ShaneCCC,
Is there any way not to access the ISP module,and supports output properly of the video stream which resolution is 8000x6000?

Yes, like you capture by v4l2-ctl to capture the raw only. And use software debayer for it.

Do you have a debayer processing interface?
Is raw data will change to yuv data after debayer processed?

For ISP pipeline, yes it will change to yuv format. But for the software should be able to any formats.
Maybe you can reference to gstreamer element bayer2rgb

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