Which camera TX2 ready to support

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According to the document, TX2 can support YUV camera image sensor. But seem like no one success with YUV camera. As the result that I collect on this forum, TX2 only run well with reference camera module (OV5693) and raw RGB camera with 2 lanes (4 lanes still unable).

No information about when TX2 software will support the remain camera modules. So I need one official information about which camera TX2 ready to support. Because we need to change our hardware design as soon as possible.


You can use USB cameras today – most of them work (as long as they support the USB camera class.)

When it comes to CSI cameras, the problem is that NVIDIA are not the people developing drivers for the cameras. Each camera vendor has to develop their own driver, or contract with people like RidgeRun to develop drivers for particular camera chips.

So, you should go to whomever you buy the YUV camera from, and ask them to provide a driver that works with the Jetson TX2.
If they cannot do that, then you need to choose another vendor, that actually does provide drivers.
Vendors that have in the past done this include e-con systems, carrier tech, leopard imaging, and auvidea. (I think there is a list of “partners” somewhere on the Jetson website that may be more complete.)

Thank for your quick reply. Our system has been designed for 3 cameras and I think CSI camera will be better (resource usage, …).

The camera vendor give only the driver of their own camera (register setting) and it should run well on every platform. The most problem now is vi camera driver in TX2 kernel I think. Even though RidgeRun also facing problem with their 4 lanes camera module.

What specific problems are you seeing, that make you believe the problem is with the Tegra kernel?
Are you talking about the MIPI CIS input hardware? Or the hardware scaler/de-bayering unit?

Actually, I didn’t know exactly problem. But many people are facing same problem. You can refer this link :


e-con Systems support for 4 Lane MIPI camera for NVIDIA Jetson TX2.

Please refer for more details: https://www.e-consystems.com/nvidia-jetson-camera.asp


We already bought some modules from e-conSystem for TK1. So if we buy some modules for TX2, would you please share how to fix “vi” driver for UYVY 4lane-camera sensor?


Regarding your query, please contact sales@e-consystems.com