Which capacitor I can use for Jetson Nano Custom Developer Kit?

Hi I design my own Jetson Nano carrier board and I want to make it small as possible. But I have a limitation. Capacitor used in designer guide is 6V3 560uF 4.7A ripple current capacitor, but Aluminium-Polymer capacitors are huge and I’m actually looking for something smaller just because of these capacitors my circuit gets longer by 5 to 8 milimeters which is a lot because my board width is literally 4.9cm. I need help for finding suitable capacitor for Jetson Nano voltage supply.

Other kind of design are not validated on devkit. Maybe you can try multi smaller capacitors (4.7A ripple) in parallel.

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In the NX developer kit schematics, which is more power demanding compared to Nano, multiple tantalum capacitors have been used instead of an aluminum polymer capacitor.

In our dsboard-nx2 product, which is compatible with both Nano and NX modules, we used this exact setup and did not have any issue with both modules. This is a more expensive solution compared to using aluminum polymer capacitor, but it should suit your height limitations.

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