Which cpu brand do you recommendation?

I will buy computer for omniverse.
would you recommend for me ?

thanks !

Hello @ghkduadml1! Obviously, I would recommend not going below our minimum required specs. You can find them here, along with our Good & Ideal recommendations.

You will need a RTX GPU because only these cards have the tensor cores required for the rendering process that Omniverse offers.

Here is a link to our recommendations: Omniverse Create Requirements — Omniverse Create documentation

thanks your reply,
but i mean that only cpu brand
i never been use amd cpu before, recently amd cpu is getting more and more popular.
so this time, i want to use amd but i worried about stability.
you mean that anything is okay ?

i’m strongly interesting in isaac.
Which cpu brand are isaac developers using?

Because you are interested in Isaac, here are the recommended specs they suggest: Isaac Sim Requirements — Omniverse Robotics documentation

This documentation will also be helpful to you: Isaac Sim Overview — Omniverse Robotics documentation