Which CUDA Debuger for Linux? Discussion Thread inteneded to gather members opinions when it comes t

Both Allinear and RogueWave offer GUI debugging tools that sit on top of CUDA-GDB to make life a little more comfortable when debugging larger CUDA applications. Neither solution is cheap and neither is obviously better than the other, at first glance anyway.

Apart from (hopefully) making life easier and increasing productivity both of these tools offer additional profiling tools which might also help further improve performance. If this is true then a tool of this sort could certainly be worth the investment so the question is which is better? Who’s using what and what are your experiences?

I don’t know if I get what you ask but you can use Netbeans, I do develop and debug my Cuda Code in netbeans running on top of ubuntu, on top of a laptop with Optimus (dual intel and nvidia) with a few workarrounds.

A friend of mine tried to use netbeans in his ubuntu box and told me that cuda-gdb won’t run while gnome display manager is running, probably it’s because of a multitask issue (?)

You can try, and if you need help setting the environment I can help you.

Have you tried using cuda-gdb with ddd?