Which CUDA Tool Kit version Do I need to install for Jetson TX2?


I want to run YOLO algorithm of darkflow (Python and Tensorflow version) version on Jetson TX2 based board. This is not a developer kit. Its a customized board which is having TX2 base (CPU and GPU). I installed tensorflow-gpu version from nvidia repo. When I tried to import tensorflow from a python script I got an error like ImportError: libnvtoolsExt.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory. . I thought it is because of not installing CUDA Toolkit on Jetson. Because libnvtoolsExt is an Nvidia extension tool comes along with CUDA.
My question is which version of CUDA Toolkit am I supposed to install?
Does new version of CUDA 11.0 support Jetson TX2? If it supports, then I am not finding CUDA 11.0 for ARM64 architecture.
I also looked for CUDA 10.0 but in archive there is only x86_64 and ppc64le version is there. Please someone help me.

Thank you

When you installed JetPack SDK, the latest version of CUDA will be installed.

With this link,

SDK Manager can be installed. After that you can follow steps inside SDK Manager.