Which DeepStream metadata is available on each pad/element

Hi, I recently learnt that not all of the metadata is available on all of the pads. For example, the “frame_num” is only available on the Tiler pad. When accessed on any other pad, its value is 0.

I was wondering two things:

  • Is there any documentation on which DeepStream metadata parameter is available on which pad/element?

  • Is there a way of making these parameters available on all of the pads?

• DeepStream Version
Deepstream 5.0

1 please refer to deesptream doc Gst-nvinfer — DeepStream 6.1 Release documentation, every plugin has input/output data specification, and you can refer to some samples, like deepstream-test1.
2 no, for example, some inference outputs only can be accessed after inference plugin.

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