Which desktop-graphicscard for matlab plugin?

Hey there,

I have currently a 8800gts in my desktop computer, which hasn’t got computing capability of >=1.3, so thats why I’m currently thinking about buying a new desktop-graphicscard, but I just can’t find any informations about the computing capability of the newer cards like gtx470:

could anybody tell me a site where I see the computing capability of the desktop graphiccards (and not only of tesla & quadro cards)?


edit: nvidia 430, 450, 460, 470 and 480? and surely the latest 500er series? am I mistaken or right?

Anybody? 450GTS shouldhave compute capability above 1.3 so I can use it with matlab, right? Or any other advice?

The best place to find a table of card -> compute capability is still the CUDA Programming guide, Appendix A. There, it says that a GTS 450 is compute 2.1

Thanks, didn’t know that… Thanks a lot!