which driver 325.15 or 319.49?


After installing CUDA 5.5 I got a nVidia driver 325.15 that dates to 05.08.2013 installed in my Ubuntu machine. I now checked the nVidia driver download page and found an update driver 319.49 that dates to 20.08.2013 and therefore the confusion. The new driver seems older by the numbering, is it? is the 319.49 a valid upgrade or not?

I have two GTX Titans.

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The 319.49 driver was released after the 325.15 driver, yes, but it was built from an older branch of the software so it doesn’t contain quite as many new features as the 325.15 driver. The 319 series is the so-called “long-lived branch” which is intended for users who don’t need the new features of the 325 series and don’t want to worry about the risk of bugs that new features might pose.