which driver for 5.0 prelease?

Today I installed an ubuntu package with “Driver Version: 302.17”.

I compared its release number with that for the driver that can be downloaded from where the cuda 5.0 prelease can be downloaded (old site).


Aha! 302.17 > 302.06.03, so its time to switch to cuda 5.0, I thought.

I installed the samples, compiled, ran.

Alas!, this ubuntu driver reports it is version 4.2!


[deviceQueryDrv] starting...

CUDA Device Query (Driver API) statically linked version 

There is 1 device supporting CUDA

Device 0: "GeForce GTX 480"

 CUDA Driver Version: 	4.2

Do I need to “downgrade” to 302.06.03 to run cuda 5.0 prelease?

How to learn which driver is sufficient for cuda 5.0?

Hi zkoza,

Yes, you should do the “downgrade” if you want cuda 5.0 prelease. 302.06.03 is a special version, it is a branch for cuda 5.0 prelease, other 302.* version No. are all for cuda 4.2.

You can ls /usr/lib/libcuda* to see the driver version No. for cuda, 302.06.03 is for cuda 5.0 prelease.

Best regards!