Which drivers to use for Magwell Pro Capture DVI card?

According to the Magewell website (URL below) there are a number of driver options…
Pro Capture DVI - Magewell

Linux, Jetson TK1
Linux, Jetson TX1
Linux, Jetson TX2

Which is appropriate for the IGX Orin dev kit? Has the card been proven to be compatible?

May I know how do you select this Magwell Pro Capture DVI card?
What’s the requirement of your use case?

The use case is the capture of fluoroscopy (live X-ray) images in a medical setting. The video feed is Dual-Link DVI at 2560x1440 resolution, and only Magewell have a capture card capable of Dual-Link DVI at 4K resolution. This is why we selected this particular card.

It turns out now that we can use an alternative video feed from the same device which is HD (1920x1080) and regular (non Dual-Link) DVI - which opens up the possibility of using other manufacturers’ cards. However, in an ideal world we will go with the existing Magewell card to avoid having to buy another card and learn/use their SDK and APIs.

So need to know if the Pro Capture DVI - Magewell is compatible with IGX and, if so, which set of drivers we should use.


Let me forward this requirement to internal team to investigate and can have suggestion.


Thank you :-)

The response from internal team as your reference:
We don’t provide a specific part number of vendors product but they can contact the vendor directly.

Thanks for forwarding the response. Does this mean that the internal team doesn’t know if the IGX Orin Dev Kit is compatible with the Magewell Pro Capture DVI 4K card? If this is the case, can they recommend a similar card (capable of HD capture 1920x1080) that is known to be compatible - both in terms of hardware and software (drivers)? Please check with the internal team.

In the meantime, I will reach out to the vendor (Magewell) in parallel.

Kind regards,

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