Which files define the decoder clock for Xavicer NX on the kernel source file?

I want to turn the clock and over clock for Xavier NX decoder like nano.
Similarly Overclocking Jetson Nano's CPU and GPU - #65 by FCLC
But I find that the Xavier NX is not controlled by the file drivers/soc/tegra/tegra210-core-dvfs.c.
So how to do it?

We don’t support this case. The maximum clock of each hardware engine is listed in power modes and overclock is not supported.

But I see AGX Xavier’s decoder can go to 1.1G.

Since the hardware design of Xavier module and Xavier NX module is different, so it cannot achieve the same throughput. It is possible to have physical damage to run Xavier NX module in overclocking mode.

I know. But I just want to test.
Is there any document about that or PLL config?

There is no document and we don’t recommend do this.

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