which gcc and toolchain to install on ubuntu 14.04

I got Ubuntu 14.04 installed on my PC to dual boot. Seems to be running OK.

The docs:

state “verify that the system has gcc installed”. Im assuming I will cross compile from the PC and deploy the binaries onto the TK1.

If so, can someone please point to where we can find gcc and the arm toolchain that runs on Ubuntu on the x86 pc?

This seems like a better way to develop since the PC has a lot more resources and mounting remote file system (the TK1 onto my PC’s Ubuntu inst) via my home network will be slow.

To install the ARM cross compiler do :

sudo apt-get install gcc-arm-linux-gnueabihf

The instructions for building the L4T (Linux) kernel also explain how to install and use the cross compiler.

Not sure what you mean by “arm toolchain that runs on Ubuntu on the x86 pc”

The instructions for the Jetson include everything needed to develop for the Jetson (compiler/linker, downloader, DTB compiler)