Which GPU could be the display while setting Quadro M4000 to TCC mode?

Hi all,

I’m using the Matlab Distributed Computing Server and Parallel toolbox to do the GPU computing. I only have one GPU, the Quadro M4000. I want to set it to TCC mode. I used the command " nvidia -smi -g 0 -dm 1 " in the command window as the administrator. The result is
" Unalble to set driver model for GPU 0000:01:00:0: TCC can’t be enabled for device with active display.
Treating as warning and move on.
All done. "

Since I only have one GPU(Quadro M4000), and it was for display. So does that mean I need to buy one more GPU for display, so that the M4000 could be free to be in TCC mode? If so, what GPU should I use to display so that Quadro M4000 could be used in TCC? Thanks very much?

Greetings and thanks.

Yes, a GPU in TCC mode cannot be used for display. Therefore if you want to run that GPU in TCC mode you will need another GPU for display.

The simplest approach (IMO) would be to add another low-end Fermi or newer NVIDIA GPU for display.

e.g. any GPU in this list should be OK:


Hi txbob, thanks for your help. I just bought a new GPU NVS 310. And all is done. Thanks very much for your help.