Which is the best JTAG adapter for AGX Xavier

Which is the best JTAG adapter for the AGX Xavier to program a fresh new AGX Xavier SOM eMMC ?

Hi, we have no recommendation on this. You can follow the user guide for program. https://developer.nvidia.com/embedded/dlc/jetson_agx_xavier_developer_kit_user_guide

Jetson AGX Xavier developer kit has a 10-pin JTAG connector.
However never thought to use it.
To flash programming you may need to gather lots of info about AGX Xavier HW.
SDK manager is much better than JTAG to flash, I’m sure.

This is not a dev kit.
For a new custom board using AGX module, i have the following questions

  1. will the eMMC in a new AGX module based custom board contains any default bootloader loaded by nvidia when shipping ?
  2. If we disable all the USB pins in the custom board, what are the ways to program a new AGX module eMMC ?

Modules never contain software when sold separately and not part of a dev kit. The only method to program it is to do so from a carrier board with USB.

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