Which is the dependency library of this API?

hi all:

I build the argus test demo,but build fail,the fail log:
can not find the API : EGLStream::FrameConsumer::create()
please help me,thank you!

[ 89%] Linking CXX executable vision_sensor
CMakeFiles/vision_sensor.dir/src/isp_worker_thread.cpp.o: In function ArgusSamples::IspWorkerThread::threa: /home/keith/vision_sensor/src/isp_worker_thread.cpp:86: undefined reference to EGLStream::FrameConsumer::create()’
collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status

Do you install tegra_multimedia_api samples through sdkmanager? sdkmanager handles dependencies of packages. After the installation, the samples are in /usr/src/tegra_multimedia_api

I have exactly the same problem. The tegra_multimedia_api was installed with sdkmanager and in the /usr/src/tegra_multimedia_api folder, there are multiple samples. But if I want to create my own project, I get the following error

error : undefined reference to `EGLStream::FrameConsumer::create(Argus::OutputStream*, unsigned int, Argus::Status*)’

The Header-File “FrameConsumer.h” is in the folder argus/include/EGLStream, but I cant find the corresponding library.

Hi joshua.meier,

Please help to open a new topic for your issue. Thanks