which jetson board for tri- or quad-screen hi-dpi output, with gsync or freesync

I own a Jetson TX2. I want to create an application that will use at least 3 hidpi screens, that is, 2560x1440 each or higher. What are my options in the Jetson ecosystem? Specifically:

a) Can TX2 handle 3x hidpi screens? In which case, which breakout boards to I need to buy, if any, to use 3 screens? Is DSI available? eDP? I’d prefer not to have to spend more money on custom breakout board.

b) Can Jetson Nano handle 3 hidpi screens? If so, how?

c) Can Nano or TX2 handle the new Nvidia-supported freesync? If not, is freesync or gsync available on Xavier? In general, what are my options in Jetson-land for sync?

So far as I know none of the NVIDIA GPUs work with AMD’s freesync. On desktop PCs with an AMD integrated video the AMD has been used for the HDMI cable connection, and then the NVIDIA GPU linked to the AMD GPU so that the the NVIDIA GPU compute power helps the AMD GPU. No possibility at all exists for that on a Jetson.

And so far as I know gsync has never been added to any of the Jetsons. It would be interesting to know if such is being considered.

Don’t know about the number of screens or resolution.

Jetsons do support eDP, and you would need extra work for that, plus it does not handle audio.

Nvidia GPUs have started to support Freesync. https://www.pcworld.com/article/3333637/nvidia-driver-freesync-monitor-support-geforce-graphics-cards.html

It’s basically a driver fix.

So I’d like to know if there’s some software fix to support freesync from Jetson. As well as my other questions above about how to get 3 hidpi monitors on Jetson, with preference for lower priced jetsons.

To recap:

a) which Jetsons support 3x hidpi (2560x1440 or better), and how. Preference, in order, is i) TX2, ii) Nano iii) Xavier.

b) Are there any image sync options available in the Jetson ecosystem.

What do you mean when you say it is just a driver fix? As in does the Native graphics card in the Tx2 have this ability it just needs a driver to be written to access it. That would be very useful to me for sure.

Someone else will need to answer to be certain, but so far as I know all of the GPUs could suppport gsync or freesync if the driver were updated. However, so far as I know none of the drivers for any of the Jetsons have this ability. Can someone confirm?