Which Jetson device is better for research(Computer Vision)

Hi Team, I’m planning to buy an Nvidia Jetson device. Could you please help me to buy a better product with the necessary kits?

My requirement: I’m working on a computer vision domain with different applications like object detection, image segmentation, depth estimation, and image preprocessing in real time with low-latency inference results and network latency.

So, could you please help me to choose the better product with its necessary kits?

  1. which device is better? NVIDIA Jetson Nano Module or NVIDIA Jetson TX2 Module
  2. is the NVIDIA Jetson Nano Developer kit better than NVIDIA Jetson Nano Module or NVIDIA Jetson TX2 Module?
  3. if I buy any one of the above products, where can I find its necessary products like power cable, camera, memory card

I have done a few searches and found these products. Could you please help me here?

  1. If miss anything could you please let me what are all the necessary products to start the work?

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Suggest to check the Technical Specifications section from Jetson Modules, Support, Ecosystem, and Lineup | NVIDIA Developer to know their performance capability to decide which one if suitable for you.

You can find the distributor from Buy the Latest Jetson Products | NVIDIA Developer

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