Which Jetson should i choose?

I have to develop a portable system capable of detecting and segmenting fruits in real time. I will use an intel realsense as a camera to be able to estimate the sizes using the depth sensors.

Which jetson should i use top get at least 30 fps?

Hi @josenh14, there are a lot of factors that impact the performance such as sensor resolution, DNN architectures, inferencing library, ect. Personally I would just go with the highest-performance Jetson that you can accommodate from a SWaP-C perspective. SWaP-C means Size, Weight, Power, Cost. If you are just beginning development now then I would plan to use Jetson AGX Orin or Jetson Orin NX.

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Ok thanks, and which library, DNN or program its the most suitable for a nvidia Jetson AGX Orin or Jetson Orin NX?

The most preferred library would be to use TensorRT, as it has the best inferencing performance on NVIDIA platforms, and it can also execute DNN’s on the Jetson Xavier/Orin’s DLA (Deep Learning Accelerator) engines in addition to the GPU.

TensorRT has C++ / Python APIs, in addition to various ML frameworks like TF-TRT for TensorFlow and Torch-TensorRT or torch2trt for PyTorch. There are also a number of samples and wrapper libraries like jetson-inference, DeepStream, Triton Inference Server, and onnxruntime that are able to use TensorRT underneath.

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Ok thank you very much

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