Which maxwell architecture?

I bought a 4k camera.
It has following conditions to be able to work with Jetson Nano.

“4K recording is only possible when:
Your primary monitor is connected directly to your NVIDIA® integrated or discrete NVIDIA® GPU.
Your NVIDIA® GPU architecture is Maxwell 2nd generation or higher and uses the latest drivers.”

What is the generation of architecture in Maxwell in Jetson Nano.
With my hdmi, the monitor will get directly connected with NVIDIA GPU right?
I searched but I couldn’t get any answer yet.
Any help is appreciated.

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The Nano GPU is a GM20B, with CUDA compute capability 5.3.

Note that the camera vendor may be referring to desktop/laptop GPUs, which use NVENC encoder API. Jetson platforms use different APIs for encode/decode - GStreamer or V4L2.

Thanks for prompt reply!

Is the new Nano VerB the same as the Version A being GM20B ?
is that close to the same as the GM204 ?
trying to find the most compatible graphics card, would that be the GTX 960 ?

I found this table, so the GTX 960 is almost perfect.