Which meshes interact well with each other and which ones do not?

There are collision types that work well together types that do not. Is it possible to provide a table or overview where we can easily understand how the collision types interact (and more importantly which ones do not)?

For example SDF meshes do not collide with triangle meshes which is important to know if you are trying to get detailed meshes to interact. In any case it could ease the workflow when working in the software such that we do not need to experiment and try to find it ourselves.


I am moving your topic to the Isaac SIM category for better visibility.


Thanks for moving it. Looking forward to get some inputs on this.

SDF collisions are just GPU feature and on GPU they should work with any other GPU supported collisions, they should work with triangle meshes too. The only exception is a custom collision (cylinder, cone) thats a CPU only feature, that wont work with SDFs.


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@scn - yes we need this table, I agree. In the meantime, we have this list of currently known limitations, touching on what Ales explained as well about certain collider incompatibilities: PhysX Limitations — Omniverse IsaacSim latest documentation

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@scn - for the record, SDF vs. custom geometry will work. It just does not use the SDF information but collide the custom geometry against the triangle mesh of the SDF collider directly.