Which mobiles or tablets support Nvidia Tegra Profiler 2.0 ?

I need to buy a mobile device (phone or tablet) for Android development of computer vision applications. It is very important that I can optimize the applications so I need to use the Tegra Profiler. I would like a device with Tegra 4, but I need to be sure that I will be able to use the profler. So here is the question:

¿Which mobile devices currently support the Nvidia Tegra Profiler https://developer.nvidia.com/tegra-system-profiler?


  • Tegra 4
  • Rear camera (for vision applications)
  • Supports Tegra Profiler

hi Javi_rock,
currently, Tegra note is available. but if you want to use the CUDA in CV you use the tk1 production. jetson tk1.