Which motor driver can i replace in JetBot?

I can’t find motor driver in my hometown so which driver should i use for replace it? After that, am i need to change the code?
I can’t find any guide for coding too. Is project for getting started? I think i need study more before start this project.

Hi thanhtuan.dtt01,

Please check our project JetRacer as a starting point:


We control the RC car’s ESC and steering servo using an I2C PWM driver.

Thanks for reply but i still don’t get it.

  1. JetRacer is easier so it recommended for beginner? So I should start it first?
  2. Jetson Nano only work with Adafruit motor driver? There are 2 option for camera, wifi, wheel but not for motor driver or piOLED display.

Hi thanhtuan.dtt01,

The Jetbot and JetRacer are the application projects for developer as reference for the possibility of Jetson Nano, that can help developers to get more understanding as quick start. For difference knowledge background, you can refer to https://github.com/NVIDIA-AI-IOT and https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/board/372/jetson-projects/ to gain some ideas.