which nvidia card to use


My research team is going to start working on cuda.

We already have multiple

NVIDIA Quadro FX3500 256 MB (bios

My question is :
Does this gpu already works with cuda ?

The second question is, which card (at least which gpu chip) is the best to work on cuda (between $150 and $400, more if necessary). The only thing we know is that our algorithms may require massive memory storage.

Sorry if this question is stupid, thanks for your support

Quadro FX3500 is a G71, which is not CUDA capable. If you’re looking for a single GPU per system, the C870 is currently the recommended CUDA capable card.

ok thanks,

that c870 seems quite expensive, and not avaliable in the local shops here, any cheaper solutions ? ($100-$400)

Any other from the list on the website.

In that price range, the 8800 GTS (G92) with 512 MB of memory is probably a good compromise. It has 128 stream processors clocked higher than the Tesla card, but 1/3 the total memory and much less memory bandwidth. (Note that the older 8800 GTS with 320 or 640 MB is a different GPU which has 96 stream processors, but a wider memory bus.)

The 8800 GTS (G92) can be found for $350 on Newegg, so maybe < $400 at a retailer near you.