Which Omniverse license is needed for a developer within an Enterprise?

We want to try out the Nvidia Omniverse platform. We have the Nvidia RTX series machines to run Omniverse. But there is confusion about whether we need to buy the Enterprise license, while doing software development with Omniverse platform.

Hello @prajod! Our free version of Omniverse comes with our Individual License which allows you to connect up to 1 additional person for your project. You do not need an Enterprise License to develop your software through the Omniverse platform unless you need the ability to connect more than 2 people to your server.

If that’s the case, we do have 30-day Trial licenses available for the Enterprise License.

  • Option 1: Access to Omniverse Enterprise on NVIDIA-Certified Infrastructure
    Experience a no-hassle Omniverse Enterprise trial via NVIDIA LaunchPad. Click to apply for short-term access to the hands-on labs.
  • Option 2: Access to Omniverse Enterprise Software Only
    Download and deploy Omniverse Enterprise software on your infrastructure, free for 30 days.

You can get access to your trial licenses through this site: Omniverse Enterprise | NVIDIA

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