Which OS should I use for Digits?

Which OS should I use for Digits?

The Berkely guide for Caffe says Ubuntu 16.04 but Nvidia guide says Ubuntu 14.04 I don’t currently have either OS so I need to install one or the other and I’m wondering which I should install? It seems logical to install the latter version but I’m worried Digits won’t work then. Anyone know for sure?



I’m sure this will change in the future, but digits is pretty easy to install in Ubuntu 14.04, and that includes getting the Caffe stack.

Unless you use CUDA 8.0RC, there is no other version of CUDA that officially supports Ubuntu 16.04.

I’m sure ultimately you can go either way. But if you are looking for simplicity, at the moment, Ubuntu 14.04 might be easier with digits.

By going with Ubuntu 14.04, you can use pre-built packages for digits, and the package dependency chain will pull in caffe and other packages “automagically”:


It’s fairly simple and straightforward.