Which OTA tool version should I install on edge?

Let’s say, I have L4T35.4.1 on jetson, then later I want to OTA to L4T35.5.0.
I prepare OTA payload with base=35.4.1 and target=35.5.0 on my host machine. I use 35.5.0 OTA tools on my host machine when preparing this. Then I move the payload to the edge device. Which version of OTA tool should I run on edge which has base L4T 35.4.1? Should I use 35.5.0 or 35.4.1?

Hi user16748,

Are you using the devkit or custom board for AGX Orin?

OTA tool of R35.5.0 should be used for the target to perform OTA update from R35.4.1 to R35.5.0.