Which Power Supply I need?

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we have a Fujitsu RX2560 M1 with 450Watt Power Supply. We use average 170 Watt for this server.

We would buy a Nvidia Grid K1, but we didn’t know to upgrade our power supply in the server?

Can anyone help us?

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The RX2560 is not a certified server for GRID: http://www.nvidia.com/object/grid-certified-servers.html

I think you need to discuss this with Fujitsu, they are best place to advise on the power supply too. Sometimes OEMs like Fujitsu are receptive to certifying / supporting additional servers if they see custoemr demand. Sometimes there are genuine thermal/electrical constraints that mean they can’t though.

If a server isn’t GRID (bare-metal) certified the hypervisor vendors VMware/Citrix won’t have it on their HCL (hardware compatibility list) either for vGPU/GPU pass-through. That would mean if using a hypervisor VMware/Citrix wouldn’t take support calls as unsupported hardware.

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450 W sounds weak. The K1 will draw up to around 130 W on its own (see: http://www.nvidia.com/content/grid/pdf/GRID_K1_BD-06633-001_v02.pdf ), and a typical CPU will draw anywhere from 80 - 160 W, plus you have all the other on-board needs. Most servers with dual CPUs have 600-1100 W power supplies. Rachel is spot on that you should check back with Fujitsu as to their recommendations and not conforming to those could void any warranties. The good news is that in many servers, you can swap out power supplies pretty easily if they are modular (which most are these days).

I agree with Rachel.The Fujitsu RX2560 M1 server is not a server for Grid. But you can use 800W hot-plug, 96% (Titanium efficiency), 200-240V, 50 / 60Hz power supply.