Which way is better for booting our JETSON NANO BOARD either from flashing L4T packages to Emmc using Micro-USB or through flashing Image to SD-Card

I am using Jetson Nano for my project. i tried two way of booting it.
1)downloading image from download center and flash it to sd card
2) downloading L4T packages and sample filesystem and i connet my laptop to the board and entered flash.sh command while in recovery mode

how these methods are different to each other and which one to be used.

The sdcard image does not change the bootrom on the device but the l4t packages or so-called “sdkmanager” will update that.

It means if you only use the sdcard image and never try sdkmanager, then the bootrom on your device will always keep at the oldest release. For example, if you buy jetson nano in the period of our rel-32.1, and you never flashed the whole board with sdkmanager then, then no matter your card is using rel-32.3/32.4.4/32.5 software, your bootrom on device is always the 32.1. This may cause problem if one day there is incompatible issue between bootrom and image on sd.

Thus, I think sdkmanager is the better option.

Update: after jetpack 4.5, fresh sdcard will update the bootrom/bootloader on device QSPI too. Thus, not limited to sdkmanager anymore.

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@marietto2008 , you may need to check my comment above too. Since you said you never used sdkmanager before, there is potential risk.

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Thank you for the help. But can we use SDKM if we need to do changes in device tree file? This is our aim, we have to do some changes in the device tree so can you help us in knowing what is the best way to do that. Also we have to use SD-card only.

Yes, actually all the jetson platforms are based on l4t package… sdcard image is just a new feature for nano and nx. If you ever use other platforms like TX2 or AGX Xavier, you will understand what I mean.
Replacing dtb or kernel image is just the basic.

Every jetson platforms on the market which are not in devkit form are all using l4t packages to develop their own dtb but not sdcard image.

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Why do you only use sdcard?
What will be your pupose?
I need to clarify that before you put wrong expectation on sdcard based nano module.

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Sir actually in our board USB.0 port is configured as host port so that it can be connected to other peripherals. So we want to put L4T driver package in SD-Card and do some changes in the device tree file.


What do you mean “your board”? Are you using sdcard based module on custom carrier board?

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yes we are using custom carrier board without usb device mode interface

Yes, that is the wrong expectation.

We don’t support sdcard module with custom board.
The sdcard is only for devkit usage. Only the emmc module supports the custom board.

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Ok, what exactly you mean by sd card is not supported with custom board? can you please explain.

There are two kinds of modules. One module has sdcard slot on it and another one is emmc based module which has no sdcard slot.

Sdcard image is only for module which has sdcard slot on it.

What I said is only emmc based module is applicable to custom carrier board. The sdcard based module does not.
But you can make your own carrier board with sdcard slot on it too. Though sdcard image will not work under such case.

If there is still something that confuses you, please ask. I understand that many users get confused at this part.

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Sir we dont want pre built sd card image. we want to make and customize sd card image as per our hardware. So for that what i should do?

This is not supported. As I said, sdcard image is not for custom hardware.

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So we can not make os image for sd card slot? Also can you please talk over email for more details. I really need to understand whats happening.

Sorry, we don’t do that. If you have questions, just ask it here.

If you want to create a sdcard image as the devkit on your custom board, then it is not possible. Just as sdcard image is not supported for other emmc based module (TX1/TX2/AGX Xavier), it is not for emmc based nano.