Which Windows 7 SDK for ION? CUDA setup

No forum yet for Windows 7, so this is the place?

I’ve got the Zotac ION motherboard with Atom 330 dual-core CPUs, running Windows 7 64-bit, and I’m setting it up for CUDA development. Don’t have Visual Studio, the 64-bit VS is not free like the 32-bit one is. Installing the Windows SDK instead to get cl.exe. Question is, which one?

I downloaded and burned the Windows 7 SDK RC for IA64 DVD. It fails to install, saying it can’t find WinSDK_amd64.msi on the DVD. Does Windows 7 think ION is an AMD64 platform? Or is it a bug with the Windows SDK installer. Thanks!

You burned the wrong DVD…you should be downloading this one:


This is Windows 7 64bit.

I am trying to get CUDA working on an ASRock ION 330 so if you get it working on yours please let me know