While running KDE RHEL 7.4 with 2 Quadro K420's and 2 monitors, I'm unable to extend primary desktop to 2nd monitor

Greetings everyone.

Using the latest NVIDIA driver (384.111) for my KDE 4.14.x desktop on my RHEL 7.4 system, I’m able to use both my monitors for separate desktops on 2 separate Quadro K420 cards. As indicated in the title, I am unable/uncertain how to extend the primary desktop to the secondary one.

From searching around the web, it is to my understanding that Xinerama is a possible solution to accomplish what I’m seeking. Unfortunately, when I enable it, I get blank black screens for both monitors. I’m still able to switch sessions (CTRL+Alt+F2 and so on) to login via CLI where I can remove the Xinerama options in the xorg.conf file and get back my desktops.

Aside from my nvidia-bug-report file, what else would be helpful to see to help me troubleshoot this? Has anyone else experienced this same issue?
nvidia-bug-report.log (503 Bytes)

Unfortunately, your attached log is empty, please rerun the script.
Since those are the same GPUs, you should be able to use
Option “BaseMosaic” “1”
in your xorg.conf to have one screen spanning both without xinerama.

Thank you very much, generix!!! The BaseMosaic option was exactly what I was seeking. My issue is now resolved and this thread may now be closed/locked.