While using multiple serial communication at a time facing error for not able to read data from multiple ports

Actually I am trying control my 4 motors trough Modbus ,which are connected with 2 USB to RS-485 modules. When i have connected my 2 devices its showing properly but when i try to send data to 2 serial ports at a time there is a slight time delay between 2 modules activation and also when i try to read and write the data at a time not able to receive proper response(data) (data not receiving all bytes or sometimes missing its length).

It is not clear about the set up and please share more information. Do you connect to serial ports on Xavier developer kit? Or USB ports? Which Jetpack version do you use?

we are using xavier agx developer kit and from that c to usb hub i am using for multiple port access

Does c to usb hub mean type-C port connecting to a external USB hub? Please help confirm this. And which Jetpack version do you use?

yes type C port to external USB Hub,jetpack version 5.0

Are you able to try Jetpack 4 release? It shall be more stable to use Jetpack 4. The version 5.0.1 is developer preview.

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