While waiting for Audio2Emotions

Trying to see which emotionfitler is more positive/smiling,
Have tried g1c and g2b, rendered and then put thru Blender into GLB…

For me it looks the same, both are positive/smiling a bit…

Has anyone more info about above, or have been testing other alternatives as well?

Goal is to find emotionfilter(term?) that is positive, a bit of smile in it. Where all face is smiling, and not just lower face-area…

For full “happiness” facial smile, you have to wait for the next version release

For the current “Emotion” controls. Even we call it Emotion, which we are changing in the new version to be called “Style” as its more fitting. There are technical reasons why we call it Emotion at the moment but from a user control perspective, we think “Style” is more fitting. You are basically finding a pose that fits more to the expression you like the character defaults to is a good way to think of them.

There isn’t a great way to say g1c or g2b is better for XXX. As it can vary depending on situation. So play around with it and see. Love to see what you may have preference to or not.


Thanks for the reply @siyuen

When you write “You are basically finding a pose that…” - does that mean trying to find pose that fits my animated avatar? Like different “styles” fit different structures of animations/meshes…?
Have I understood it correctly?

Yes. Some are expression but they may not exactly be explicit expression. That is why I used the word Pose instead. The default might be more neutral and you may want to have a more build in smile overall. That is what the Style is for. To change your base default. There are many expression like poses in that list and people may have to experiment with it a bit to find what they like

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Can you give us an idea of what the improvements might be in the next release? Will the styles still be named g1c, g2b, etc.? I’ve been waiting for the next release because I thought the styles would be more clearly defined so that I wouldn’t have to play around as much and do guesswork.

You will be able to easily control full face emotions, like Amazement, Sad, Angry…etc and you will be able to mix them, with controls that are named as such emotions.

You will be able to manually control the emotion. And we are planning to include Audio2Emotion so you can drive the emotion automatically from the voice. (It will detect your emotional state from input voice)

Stay tuned for more details
Most likely you won’t need to use the “style” controls once these new features are in.

(Disclaimer: since description are for yet to be released product, final product features and names may differ)


Thank you for responding! The ability to automatically drive facial expression and emotion through tone of voice is probably the #1 thing I’ve been waiting for of all NVIDIA Omniverse app features.

This sounds awesome @siyuen

We are using Azures text-to-speech with all their Speech styles, exciting to see how it will play out :)

When will the Audio2Emotion release?

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