Who can become NVIDIA Registered Developer?

I’m a bit annoyed that I haven’t heard from the NVIDIA Registered Developer team, after applying for a login.And it’s been a long time since I first applied.
There is no place saying how they pick out one applicant from another. And apperently not all can get a login.
Does anyone know their criteria or if it is politic not to give a rejection email at sometime?


Actually, the problem seems to not be rejection, but that the developer registration form loses submissions. This has been a common complaint for years. If it doesn’t work the first time, try again, and also complain in the forums (as you have done here) and usually someone will fix it.


I have tried again. Hopefully somebody would contact me, because it would make debugging in my thesis a lot easier.


I received my acceptance less than a week to applying. Just try again. I’m sure you are bound to hear something sometime soon.

Lucky for me, I have a 3M corporate email, so I got registered the next day. I suppose they prioritize university emails equally.

Well… I have a university mail as well… cs.au.dk… guess they don’t know that one :)

and jaaay. I got the codes today… finally :)


Anyone can apply to the registered developer program. Apply for “GPU Developer”.

The direct link is


What we look for:

  • information about where you work (university, commercial, home/self)

  • information about what you are using CUDA / OpenCL for

  • the other check boxes about topics of interest, etc

We accept most applications that are filled out with this information.

We reject applications that have bogus or no information.