Who can help check the cudpp web china can't access gpgpu

Hi, China mainland forbids gpgpu.org (and we don’t know where to appeal…), thus i (a gpgpu phd) don’t know what’s going on on gpgpu as well as cudpp.
I’m getting a cudpp1.0alpha (to 4.20) from some friends. who could please tell me if cudpp has been updated since Apr.20? Thanks!
btw, Sengupta’s GH07 best paper showed qsort demo, but i can’t access the code. If anyone has worked it out and is willing to share, i would be very grateful. Thanks!

The April 20 cudpp is the newest one.

Please build something with CUDA that can replace your government. Happy Olympics!

oh, that’s a bit difficult, since i love my of-many-fault government:)

cudapp is a google-group as well, right? (my vague memory)

Just google-groups - cudapp or cudpp or cuda…

Check out

it only gives links to gpgpu.