who to add new compute node

can any one say me how to new node
I am using Suse linux and I have installed the PGI CDK compilers
can any one help…

Hi x3455,

To clarify, you’ve installed the PGI CDK on your cluster at some point in the past. Now you have installed a new cluster node and what to know how to install the compiler’s runtime libraries on this node? The simplest method would be to simply reinstall the CDK.

The CDK installation will place the compilers and tools on the head node and install some runtime support libraries on each node. Often, the runtime libraries are put into a shared file system. In this case, all you would need to do was update your machine file with the new node’s name and make sure the node has access to the runtime libraries. If the runtime libraries are local to each node, then you can tar up the runtime library directories on node and copy it to another and then add teh new node to the machine file. Again, the simplest choice would be to re-install the CDK.

Hope this helps,