Why am I getting a firmware error every time I try to boot from a usb drive?


I am very much interested booting from a ssd, but every time I try to set this up through the method documented on the JetsonHacks blog my Nano gets stuck at the kernel loading screen. The particular error that I am getting is:

tegra-xusb 700900000.xusb: cannot find firmware…retry after 1 second
tegra-xusb 700900000.xusb: Direct firmware load for tegra21x_xusb_firmware failed with error -2
tegra-xusb 700900000.xusb: Falling back to user helper

I tried poking around through a serial connection, but wasn’t able to find anything that would help me resolve this problem. I reflashed my card a few times thinking that might be the problem, but it did not help.

Thank you.

You can ignore the prints if you see

[    8.736911] tegra-xusb 70090000.xusb: Firmware timestamp: 2017-11-03 13:36:19 UTC, Version: 50.20 release

It shows the firmware is successfully loaded.

Thank you for replying. Unfortunately it appears that the firmware is not loading, particularly when I try to boot from my usb drive entry in the extlinux.conf file(sda1). If I remove the usb drive entry in that file I am able to boot properly from my microsd card, but otherwise the operating system does not load.

Please check if your kernel image built with new usb 3.0 firmware supported. May you booting from ‘old’ NVIDIA official kernel image?

Do you see the firmware at


Hello, sorry for the late response. It appears I was using the old image as mayday19 alluded to. I flashed the new image and pivoted to a usb drive with ease. Thanks guys.