Why are some containers exiting on ai_nvr sample

Why do I see a bunch of containers as Exited when I run the ai_nvr sample:

[+] Running 12/12
✔ Container ai_nvr-moj-init-ds-1 Exited 1.4s
✔ Container ai_nvr-moj-init-vst-1 Exited 1.3s
✔ Container ai_nvr-moj-http-based-init-emdx-analytics-1 Exited 1.4s
✔ Container ai_nvr-moj-http-based-init-sdr-1 Exited 1.2s
✔ Container ai_nvr-moj-http-based-init-sdr-emdx-1 Exited 1.2s
✔ Container emdx-webapi Started 1.3s
✔ Container sdr Started 28.7s
✔ Container vst Started 16.0s
✔ Container emdx-analytics-01 Started 21.3s
✔ Container emdx-analytics-02 Started 21.3s
✔ Container deepstream Started 16.0s
✔ Container sdr-emdx Started 28.5s

After I restarted my computer, the VST wasn’t available anymore. After a few attempts to restart the containers (by stop/redownloading the images), I am now seeing the containers stuck in “Created” state for hours. How do we fix this problem?

[+] Running 6/12x-webapi Started 1.8s
✔ Container emdx-webapi Started 1.8s
✔ Container ai_nvr-moj-init-ds-1 Started 1.8s
✔ Container ai_nvr-moj-http-based-init-sdr-1 Started 1.8s
✔ Container ai_nvr-moj-init-vst-1 Started 1.8s
✔ Container ai_nvr-moj-http-based-init-emdx-analytics-1 Started 1.8s
✔ Container ai_nvr-moj-http-based-init-sdr-emdx-1 Started 1.7s
⠧ Container vst Created 6108.8s
⠧ Container emdx-analytics-01 Created 6108.8s
⠧ Container emdx-analytics-02 Created 6108.8s
⠧ Container deepstream Created 6108.8s
⠧ Container sdr Created 6108.8s
⠦ Container sdr-emdx Created 6108.7s

This is expected behavior for init containers. The init containers exit upon verifying that dependencies for associated main containers are in place. This then causes those main containers to start executing.

See AI NVR — Metropolis on Jetson documentation 0.1.0 documentation for more details about init containers and startup sequence.

Looks like the vst init container has not exited yet indicating that vst dependencies are not in place yet. Not that the order for starting of containers is: vst → SDR → deepstream → analytics.

Verify if the necessary platform services that vst depends on have been started:

sudo systemctl status jetson-redis

sudo systemctl status jetson-ingress

These steps are outlined in the quick start setup documentation:

Thanks. Yes, those two platform services were dead. I restarted them and now the containers load properly.

However, I am unable to load the video analytics view at rtsp://localhost:8555/ds-test and rtsp://localhost:8556/ds-test

I get the following error on VLC command line:
VLC media player 3.0.16 Vetinari (revision 3.0.13-8-g41878ff4f2)
[0000aaab14707590] main libvlc: Running vlc with the default interface. Use ‘cvlc’ to use vlc without interface.
[0000aaab147a7be0] main playlist: playlist is empty
[0000ffff20001630] satip stream error: Failed to play RTSP session
[0000ffff20001630] satip stream error: Failed to teardown RTSP session
[0000ffff280017e0] satip stream error: Failed to setup RTSP session
[0000ffff400016d0] satip stream error: Failed to setup RTSP session

How do I fix this? Thanks

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