why bind textures float4 and int4 could be give me a wrongs data? wrongs data in binding textures

I bind two textures for data (float4, and int) and they work successful. but more textures (+2) data (float4, and int4) give me the wrong data when I’am trying to reading data from them .

Why is this ? What’s can be wrong ? tex1Dfetch for reading I’am use.

float4 textures definitely work, I use them all the time. Post some code so we can help you.

Is there a limit to how much data can be bind to texture?

Yes, there are limits. Please consult appendix F of the CUDA 4.0 Programming Guide. For 1D textures accessed via tex1Dfetch() the limit is 2**27 elements, so when the element type is float4/int4/double2 one can cover up to 2GB of data with a single texture.

Thanks for the reply.2^27 elements is about 130 mil. Maybe that is the roblem of the original poster if he/she did use correctly the functions for handling the textures.

no, my data is less then 10 mb …

I suggest to post the code you are using to bind and fetch the textures.