Why can't I download documents from Embedded Download Center?

I can download some documents in Embedded Download Center,the link is:https://developer.nvidia.com/embedded/downloads?destination=node/873418
But there is error when I download some of them,for example:Jetson TX2 Module Data Sheet

Hi SammoGan,

It seems you can download documents before, that means you have registered as an nvidia developer, then you will need to log in first.

And, you can find similar discussions in below topic:


I can’t download these documents although the admin gives the accept answer ! I don’t know why…

Were you logged in to the download page (separate from forums)?

of couse I have! But always the blank page!

Some places outside of the USA seem to have an issue. It sounds like some sort of caching proxy server is consuming the content and not updating. I’m unsure of how to go about debugging that other than having your ISP check on any proxy being used.

The document downloading issue should be fixed, please try again.


It’s OK now!

Yes,it seens OK now!TKS!