Why ctrl + z doesn't work for undo?

Not sure what’s the reason but when I do ctrl + undo it doesn’t work and seems to switch the move tool between local and global ? The undo work perfectly when I go to the Edit menu and select Undo but not using my keyboard. the shortcut is there but it does something else. I’ve re installed everything to get rid of some strange issues so all seems to work fine now except this, thanks

Hello @HansVanEven! Could I get more information from you to help us troubleshoot the issue?

What is your system environment? OS, GPU / GPU Driver?
(I know you are using the latest version of Create from your other posts!)
Can you attach a copy of your log files found here: C:\Users\<USERNAME>\.nvidia-omniverse\logs\Kit\<APPNAME>

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Hello Wendy, I sent you the log files I have here by PM, hope this helps. thanks in advance for checking out, kind regards, Hans

Hello Wendy, is there any update on this why ctrl + z doesn’t work on my computer (same for w shortcut), seems still an issue in the last 2022.1.4 build, thanks

ctrl + y
ctrl + d

do both work here