Why deepatream hang when decoding a h264 video

I use deepstream to decode h264 video.
But sometimes the program hang.

[DEBUG][12:12:57] Device name: Tesla P4

Only one sentence above was output. This does not always happen, most of times the program can work. So it is hard for me to check what goes wrong. The normal output is as follows.

[DEBUG][09:43:11] Device name: Tesla P4
[DEBUG][09:43:12] =========== Video Parameters Begin =============
[DEBUG][09:43:12] Video codec : AVC/H.264
[DEBUG][09:43:12] Frame rate : 12/1 = 12 fps
[DEBUG][09:43:12] Sequence format : Progressive
[DEBUG][09:43:12] Coded frame size: [1600, 1200]
[DEBUG][09:43:12] Display area : [0, 0, 1600, 1200]
[DEBUG][09:43:12] Chroma format : YUV 420
[DEBUG][09:43:12] =========== Video Parameters End =============


Remember that DeepStream doesn’t support container file.
Please use raw media files as input.