Why DLD full connect layer running incorrectly?

I tried to export my vgg model to pytorch model and I finish it. Also, I trained it and save the model as a series of npy file, but when I load the file in DLD it throw some errors. The error is “ID,Origin,Source,Message3,Analysis,NvNeural,“0: Apply bias is true, but weight could not be found”” and “ID,Origin,Source,Message 4,Analysis,NvNeural,Inference failed for 4 layers”. The error is on the full connnect layer and the convolution layers have no problems. So can anyone tell me how to fix this problem? Thanks.

P.S. I do have the bias npy file in my weights folder. Futhermore,the sample in DLD also has some questions,such as the Resnet model, it does not have the bias file in the weights folder and still has bias selection been selected, so DLD gives the warning:ID,Origin,Source,Message2,Analysis,NvNeural,“RN32_RB_F16_S1_0_convolution_0: Unable to load bias weights data, random weights will be used”.