Why do I need 'nvdisasm' tool for 'cuobjdump' commend

As the title, When I write ‘cuobjdump’ commend for disassembling a cubin file, the error indicates that I have to set PATH for ‘nvdisasm’

When I type this,

cuobjdump -sass test

The error is,

cuobjdump fatal : Could not find executable file ‘nvdisasm’; you can try adding path to environment variables PATH or NVDISASM_PATH

This is because my PATH points /usr/local/cuda-10.1/bin and there is no ‘nvdisasm’ but there is ‘cuobjdump’.

In fact, I don’t want to reinstall cuda-10.1 tool. How can I do ‘cuobjdump’ commend without ‘nvdisasm’?