Why does my Jetson Orin Nano only succeed in loopback mode when use can-bus?

I follow Controller Area Network (CAN) to set the can-bus.

First, the pinmux register settings:
sudo busybox devmem 0x0c303018 w 0xc458
sudo busybox devmem 0x0c303010 w 0xc400

Next, load the CAN kernel drivers:
sudo modprobe can
sudo modprobe can_raw
sudo modprobe can_dev
sudo modprobe mttcan

Next, managing the network:
sudo ip link set can0 type can bitrate 500000 loopback on
sudo ip link set can0 up
cansend can0 601#
candump -x any
The data successfully transmited and received.

However, once I don’t open the loopback mode, the data can’t be sent out.

I connect the jetson orin nano to the WaveShare SN65HVD230 CAN board, and connect it to a usbcan analyzer.
For the loopback mode(mttcan_controller_config: ctrlmode 1), the usbcan analyzer can receive the data that send by jetson, but cannot transmit data to jetson.
For the other mode(mttcan_controller_config: ctrlmode 0), the usbcan analyzer cannot receive the data.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

It seems the duplicate topic as Why my jetson orin nano only success in loopback mod when use can-bus?, let’s just discuss there.

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