Why does realityserver not come up on the latest 2018 release of CUDA-compatible applications?

Is there a reason that apps such as:

GPULib:IDL acceleration
Acceleware: Imaging Solutions
Digisens: SnapCT tomographic reconstruction software
Techniscan: Whole Breast Ultrasound Imaging System
NVPP: NVIDIA Performance Primitives (early access)
MATLAB GPU Computing: MathWorks
MATLAB plugin: Accelereyes

are here: http://www.nvidia.in/object/cuda_app_tesla_in.html

But, the above apps are not under “Medical Imaging” in the newest list of CUDA-compatible applications here: https://www.nvidia.com/content/gpu-applications/PDF/gpu-applications-catalog.pdf

Is this maybe because the above applications have not been updated to the latest versions of CUDA and latest GPU architectures?

Nobody except some people at NVIDIA can give an authoritative answer how these lists are being compiled, and I would be surprised if they publicly provide such an answer here.

What is your real concern here? If you have questions regarding the level of GPU acceleration offered by each of those apps, why not contact the respective vendors directly with whatever specific questions you have?

I don’t think NVIDIA claims that these list of GPU-accelerated applications are 100% comprehensive and all encompassing. For what it is worth, the PDF you linked to does list MATLAB and Accelereyes on page 35. Why would it be important or even appropriate to list the two applications in the “Medical Imaging” category?