Why does SN2410 show higher speeds available than label suggests?

I have an SN2410 (MSN2410-BB2F) which says that it has 48 10GbE ports and 8 100GbE ports. However, in switch management, I am able to set the SFP28 ports to 25Gb and the ports appear to connect at these speeds. Would this have been an upgrade purchased by the previous owner of the switch, or perhaps an upgrade unlocked with a later version of the software? Would the switch have the backplane necessary to accommodate 25Gb connections?

Hello Newton

SN2410 support up to 25G in the first 48 ports. The backplane already accommodates this speeds . You can find additional data from the switch in its data sheet



Perhaps I should have said SN2410B. The data sheet suggests that my switch model is 10GbE/100GbE. Does the MSN2410-BB2F support 25GbE? I just want to be sure before deployment.

Likewise, I have another MSN2410-BB2F which says 10GbE/40GbE and I don’t even see that as an available option. Similarly, it appears to function at 25GbE/100GbE.

Thank you!